Hardware.Software, Inc. was founded in 2006, with a goal of helping individual inventors and small
companies develop and bring to market innovative products.
Hardware.Software, Inc. seeks to design great products for our customers.
Our founder and president, John, has extensive experience in the
development of electronics and software. John has worked for well
known companies such as Hewlett Packard, StrataSys and
McDonnell Douglas (now part of Boeing), as well as multiple startup
companies. He has several patents and his experience spans
multiple industries, including defense, home healthcare, printing,
3-D modeling, recreation, entertainment, and alternative energy.
What Else?
Hardware.Software, Inc. would like to provide you with all the engineering and
production services you need for your entire line of products.

By leveraging economy of scale and resource re-use, we plan to drive down the cost of
developing and manufacturing high-tech products, while maintaining the utmost in quality.