Q: What are your design philosophies?

A: If we were to list some of the top ones, they would be:
1) Keep it simple
2) Reuse where possible
3) Maintain good documentation
Q: Can you come to our office?

A: Possibly. We try and keep our cost structure low by first using phone and email.
Q: Can I pay you in stock?

A: Not at this time.
Q: Can you help me set up my business?

A: Yes! We would love to help you, and can provide multiple resources for that.

And once your product is in production, we can also be your "virtual company" and provide all on-going support!
Q: Can you just design my electronics?

A: Absolutely. While we would prefer to deliver a complete, integrated product, we would love to be involved in any
part of your product's development.

Specific technical details can be found
here .