Software is the logic that controls a product.

Software is basically a list of commands that perform functions. Some examples of what
software might do in a product are:

- Display messages on a screen
- Flash lights
- Turn motors on and off

The list of possible software operations is nearly endless. The flexibility of software is what
makes it so useful.

Software requires a dedicated electronic component to run on. This is typically called a
micro-processor or micro-controller.

Software comes in many forms, called languages. You may have heard of some of them, such
as C/C++ or Java or Python. Each has its advantages in different situations.

When a project includes software, the software is usually the part that gets worked on the
longest. After a product is in production, there may be ongoing software work, such as adding

Future products may also incorporate some of the same software used in previous products.
This is called software re-use, and can greatly speed up development and reduce the risk for
follow-on products.

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